Starter Ideas

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Have each member of your team take a few minutes to come up with as many high-level ideas as they can to solve your challenge.

This exercise is especially helpful to give folks who are less comfortable speaking up in a group or who prefer to work independently an opportunity to share their ideas. After you have lots of Starter Ideas, group similar ones together. This way, you can identify common themes to explore in more detail.

Four Steps for Generating Starter Ideas

  1. Have everyone in your group jot down all of their ideas on sticky notes — one thought per sticky note.
  2. After all group members are finished, come back together and share what you’ve come up with.
  3. Post the sticky notes up on a wall and group similar or related ideas together (see below).
  4. Decide which ideas you want to build out further. You may want to incorporate two or three of these ideas together to come up with one big idea.