People Mapping

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To really be an effective problem-solver, you must understand the people at the center — and on the fringes — of your challenge or project.

Think about the following:

  • The main set of people you’re trying to impact
  • Your target customers
  • The people surrounding the challenge
  • The people with a deeper understanding of, or connection to, your subject

Three Steps to Start People Mapping

  1. Grab sticky notes and start by writing down the name of the main user and placing it in the center of the wall.
  2. Write down one person or group of people necessary to the challenge or project (one per sticky) and post them around the main user. Continue this step until you have identified all relevant people or groups.
  3. This map will become the basis for interviews and observations.

People Mapping

Ready to start People Mapping? Use this worksheet as a guide.

Download PDF