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Innovation Behavior #6: Realness

Talking about an idea is good. Experimenting with an idea and making it real is even better. Realness is about bringing your ideas to life to communicate clearly and gain buy-in.

When you bring your ideas to life, others can understand them better and you can identify opportunities for improvement.

Use prototypes to make your ideas real; this will allow you to learn quickly and cheaply. The earlier you focus on realness, the sooner you’ll unlock the understanding needed to refine your idea.

Put Realness into Practice

Have an idea on your mind? Get it off your desk and bring it to life. Draw it out, build a model from paper, pipe cleaners and glue, create a walkthrough model, or mock up your app. By building out your idea and making it real, you’re letting people experience it and have a better understanding of what your idea is about.

Go out into the real world and experience life the way your customers do. By doing this, you will have a better understanding of their needs, gain deeper empathy for their struggles, and provide deeper insight, which will go a long way when designing products and services for them.

Realness is used with the following tools: