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Innovation Behavior #5: Momentum

To keep an idea moving, we must create, manage, and maintain unrelenting energy around it. That’s momentum. We keep up momentum by releasing the energy and passion from the team and individuals who are working on the initiative. After all, excitement fades when momentum stalls.

To maintain momentum, find a way to make continuous progress…even if it’s in small steps. Using time constraints effectively helps keep the energy high around a project or deliverable.

Put Momentum into Practice

Hothouse! Instead of holding meeting after meeting to hash out a solution and implementation plan, do it all in one day. Pack your time in to one big chunk. Having a full day with a deadline creates a sense of urgency, which helps focus people’s energy. You’ll get more done and develop richer solutions.

Create a plan of action. Meeting for one hour to discuss a new idea is a start, but what happens when everyone leaves? Set a goal, scheduling out meetings and deliverables to keep the momentum going and energy buzzing. Keep everyone focused on the finish line by offering incentives for meeting weekly goals. This will keep everyone motivated and maintain momentum.

Momentum is used with the following tools: