Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

About The Program

Human-Centered Innovation is our intensive and innovative use of resources to focus on people and their health, making their health care experience more convenient and their care less expensive and more effective. Human-Centered Innovation requires constantly gathering feedback from individual members, group customers of all sizes, hospitals, physicians, and our other business partners.

Our Vision

We have a vision of innovation that puts — and is driven by — people at its core.

Health Care Solutions

To create successful health care solutions that we consider Human-Centered Innovation, we ask:

One of the places these solutions are taking shape is at our 5,000-square-foot Center for Health Care Innovation at Independence. The Center provides a supportive space where people can come together to think differently, collaborate with partners, and embrace a customer-first, people-centered mentality.

We evaluate all opportunities through the lens of Human-Centered Innovation, as it is a process we apply to problem solving and decision-making every day. Our objective is to disrupt the status quo, to do more, do it differently, and do it better. We’re moving forward with the freshest and most promising human-centered ideas — from powerful research partnerships for better health to creating dynamic new models of care to nurturing the country’s most promising health-related startups.

We’re committed to putting the member at the center of everything we do, seeing each member as an individual, and caring for the whole person. And it has led us to develop that process into our Human-Centered Innovation Program — a unique group of services and initiatives designed to improve our members’ lives and health.

Human-Centered Innovation provides a launch pad and a framework for new ideas that will build upon the opportunities our current industry environment creates and help propel our growth.

Through the Human-Centered Innovation Program, we are changing the way health care is conceived, delivered, and experienced and the program is focusing on 4 key areas of activity.

  1. Forging powerful partnerships and collaborations
  2. Using technology, research, and data analytics to solve health problems
  3. Creating new models of care that put people first
  4. Investing in, piloting, and mentoring businesses

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