Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Disrupting the status quo in primary care

We believe that great care starts with a trusting relationship between the physician and the patient.

So we asked: How can Independence empower primary care doctors to deliver quality care and provide incentives for keeping costs down?

Our answer? Tandigm Health.

Last year, we joined with DaVita Health Care Partners – a nationally recognized pioneer of physician-centric coordinated care – for a joint venture that has the potential to change the face of primary care. Together, we launched a new company in Philadelphia — Tandigm Health.

Tandigm provides more than 350 primary care physicians data and analytical tools to help better manage patients’ chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, and pulmonary disease.

Tandigm rewards doctors for the quality of care, not the quantity. Tandigm offers primary care physicians meaningful incentives based on the ability to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Ultimately, the aim is to increase the quality and lower the cost of care by reducing duplication of services, improving patient satisfaction, and helping to prevent health crises that cause emergency room visits.

We’ve launched Tandigm Health in Philadelphia because it’s one of the largest and most expensive health care markets in the entire nation.

If it can work in Philadelphia, it can work anywhere in the nation!