Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Eliminate the gap, improve care, cut costs

One of the biggest challenges facing health care today is making sure people get the care they need. How can physicians provide quality care – fill gaps in your care – if they don’t have the latest information about your health and what care you’ve received?

To address this issue, three years ago Independence and two other Blue insurers acquired NaviNet – the nation’s largest, real-time, secure communication network between insurers, physicians and hospital networks.

NaviNet primarily provides hundreds of thousands of physicians nationwide a web portal to validate people’s health insurance coverage, check on claims, and submit authorizations and referrals. On average, NaviNet’s web portal handles more than 27 million health care information transactions each month.

Working with the experts at NaviNet, Independence began using that web portal for something new and novel – notifying physicians in real time if any of the patients they are about to examine need an immunization or a health screening, or if another critical care gap needs to be addressed.

Independence also uses NaviNet to tell your doctor what care he did — or did not — give you, and what care you have also received from any other physician or hospital.

A complete, 360-degree view of your care!


Disrupting the status quo in primary care
Tandigm Health.

Last year, we joined with DaVita Health Care Partners – a nationally recognized pioneer of physician-centric coordinated care – for a joint venture that has the potential to change the face of primary care. Together, we launched a new company in Philadelphia — Tandigm Health.

Tandigm provides more than 350 primary care physicians data and analytical tools to help better manage patients’ chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, and pulmonary disease.

Tandigm rewards doctors for the quality of care, not the quantity. Tandigm offers primary care physicians meaningful incentives based on the ability to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Ultimately, the aim is to increase the quality and lower the cost of care by reducing duplication of services, improving patient satisfaction, and helping to prevent health crises that cause emergency room visits.

We’ve launched Tandigm Health in Philadelphia because it’s one of the largest and most expensive health care markets in the entire nation.

If it can work in Philadelphia, it can work anywhere in the nation!

">By working in tandem with primary care physicians, we’re creating a new paradigm of care – Tandigm Health.