Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Fast tracking health care innovation with Thomas Jefferson University

With a concentration of premier health care institutions and health care startups, we believe the Philadelphia region has what it takes to become a global hub for health care innovation.

To help fulfill our region’s potential in health care innovation, we teamed up with Thomas Jefferson University who’s Innovation Pillar and Accelerator Zone programs are already successful to help unlock the potential of Philadelphia to become a global magnet for health care innovation.

To bring together the best minds and brightest ideas from Independence and Jefferson, we launched the Health Innovation Collaboration. The Collaboration will generate and nurture novel ideas to improve patients’ health care experience, develop future health care professionals, and help physicians and hospitals transform care delivery to improve quality and value.

Some projects the Collaboration is undertaking include:

Together with partners like Jefferson, we are working to create a vibrant and dynamic environment in Philadelphia where health care will be reimagined.