Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Predicting who is at risk for hospitalization

What if you knew in advance that it was very likely you would be hospitalized in the next three months?

You would probably turn to your doctor and make some proactive changes to your health.

With a unique algorithm created by Independence, we’ve developed a sophisticated scientific model – more accurate than any analytic model already on the market – that can predict which of our critically-ill members are most likely to require hospitalization soon.

Then we can help lower that risk by offering customized programs and services that can help members stay well. We provide each at-risk member a “health coach” to identify what extra help would be useful to stay well – such as scheduling medical appointments, resolving medication issues, or arranging transportation to the doctor’s office.

Exactly how much impact can this risk analysis have?

Our success rate is high. We’ve seen a 20 percent reduction in hospital admission rates among the highest risk members identified by our hospitalization risk analysis.