Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Empowering better health through a first-of-its-kind information exchange

In today’s world of innovative technology, getting connected has never been easier, whether through your laptop, cell, tablet, or wearable device. Everyday activities like ordering a taxi or balancing your checkbook can be done with just a few clicks.

However, in health care, where life-and-death decisions depend on accurate and timely information, physicians and hospitals have historically not been able to share critical information quickly and securely.

For example, did you know that medical records from your last hospital or emergency room visit reach your primary care doctor’s office only about 40 percent of the time?
Recognizing this crucial need for better communication, we led the creation of the HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern PA (HSX). HSX securely transmits health care data among hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers.

HSX is the nation’s only health information exchange in a top ten major metropolitan area, and the only one built on collaboration between competing hospitals and insurers.

By linking electronic medical records and adding data from health insurers’ claims, HSX gives doctors immediate access to the medical information needed to make informed treatment decisions.

This is especially important for patients who are treated in one hospital, then readmitted to a different facility, which happens in up to 50 percent of readmissions in our region, resulting in unnecessary duplication of services and excessive costs.

When hospitals are connected through HSX, information is sent directly to your primary care physician, specialist, or other care coordinator within a few hours of leaving the hospital.

So far, HSX includes 20 hospitals and 5,000 physicians, and plans to eventually connect all 15,000 doctors, as well as hospitals, in the region.