Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Making dreams come true by investing in human-centered solutions

At Independence, we firmly believe that Philadelphia has what it takes to become a global leader in health care innovation – many of the nation’s top universities and medical schools, outstanding physicians and hospitals, a vibrant investment community, and strong corporate support.

That’s why we want to attract the best and brightest minds and the most promising health care startups to our region to find solutions to some of our health care system’s most pressing challenges.

We partnered with Dreamit Ventures and Penn Medicine to launch Dreamit Health, the region’s first health care business incubator that provides funding, office space, legal advice and counsel, and hands-on mentorship to promising early-stage startups in the health care industry.

Each year, Dreamit Health handpicks up to 10 new companies from throughout the United States, based on the strength of their teams and the significance of the challenges they are addressing within the health care sector. Many of the selected companies move to Philadelphia for the opportunity to go through the four-month Dreamit Health Boot Camp together.

To date, Dreamit Health has supported the development of 27 young health-related innovation companies, and we’re very proud that a majority have elected to stay in Philadelphia to build their businesses.