Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Raising the region’s profile as a global leader in health care innovation

Philadelphia has all the components to be a global leader in health care innovation — world-class universities and teaching hospitals, a strong health and life sciences economy, an active entrepreneurial community, and an ever-growing talent pool with real-life experience in the health care industry. The CEO Council for Health Care Innovation Collaborative, created in May of 2015, will connect early stage health companies with large health care institutions to help them better understand the health care problems the startups are trying to solve. These connections and resources will make it easier for new companies to more quickly bring to market products and services that improve people’s health.

Simply, the Collaborative helps early-stage companies avoid the guessing game they often face, wondering what solutions large health care institutions are looking for and developing products or services that may or may not be needed.

Through the Collaborative, startups can better tailor their efforts to directly address critical health challenges. It saves time, energy, and money for the participating companies. More importantly, it brings solutions to market more efficiently and more quickly.