Human-Centered Innovation
Human-Centered Innovation

Putting the power of a lab into the palm of your hand

What started as a Dreamit company and is now part of our Strategic Innovation Portfolio, Biomeme uses a smart phone to quickly diagnose mutations in your genome to identify whether you are susceptible to certain types of vascular disease, colon cancer, and dementia.

Quite simply, the state-of-the-art device acts as a photocopy machine that transforms a target sample into billions of detectable copies. The iPhone is then used to process the results, which can be shared instantly to alert your doctor or family members, who may also be genetically prone to similar conditions.

Now that’s innovation! By partnering with Dreamit Ventures and Penn Medicine to form Dreamit Health – Philadelphia’s first health care business incubator – we saw firsthand the possibilities of this technology to truly put the patient at the center of their care with fast, accurate, low cost results. Now, we continue to support Biomeme through our Strategic Innovation Portfolio.

With affordable, accurate DNA testing in the palm of your hand, anything is possible.